Simon Dolliana born in 1994 in Southtyrol (Italy) quickly got interested in music and learned to play the piano.

In 2010 he began to produce music. After testing nearly every electronic genre he found his love for experimental electronic music.

In 2014 he began to study media technology in St. Pölten (Austria). Now he is studying Sound Design in Graz (Austria).
He got some work experience from recording studios like Gosh Audio in Vienna or Soundquadrat in Stuttgart. He learned a lot about the audio industry and the different workflows which he uses now for his work.

Simon Dolliana works as Sound Designer, Audio Engineer, Mastering Engineer and also as Music Producer. 

Language Skills:

Simon Dolliana achieved his first freater sucess with the help of different Record Labels for example Concordia Recordings or Dubtastic Records. In 2015 his first track “Expression” got released on Dubtastic records. Shortly thereafter he got another release with “Direction” on Caive Records. Currently he is learning a lot about different sound synthesis techniques which are useful for the work as sound designer but also for his music projects. Also he got into audio programming (mainly Reaktor and Max MSP) which is very helpful for many of his projects. Currently his focus lies on the "un" project. Different publications on varous newspaper and entering the "Soundportal" charts with Built to Break are some oh his sucesses. In 2017 he also founded un.studios a musicproduction studio togehter with Clemens Markart. 

Awards and Certifications:

Pro Tools 101 Certification

1st Place Golden Wire: Category Short Film

2nd Place Golden Wire: Category Sound and Music

2nd Place Europe's Second Student 3D Audio  Production Competition in Ambisonics in the Category Music Production



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